They’re so cute as babies, but do you have what it takes to raise backyard chickens? Find out during this free educational session coming up this Saturday, April 13, 2013.

poultry partyNew Pioneer Food Co-op, Coralville & Iowa City – Nothing says ‘spring’ like baby chicks! As Iowa City prepares for urban chicken keepers, New Pi and Iowa City Animal Services present a free educational event to get our urban flocks started out right. Families welcome!

Discover what’s involved in keeping four hens in your own backyard at the Poultry Party Saturday, April 13, from 10AM-noon at the Johnson County Extension Building (4265 Oak Crest Hill Rd.). Like the fancy chickens with top knots and blue eggs? Or maybe the calm, friendly, heavy-bodied Buff Orpingtons, with their smooth, blonde feathers and ability to lay eggs in cold weather? Find out in person – come meet the chickens!

New Pioneer Cooperative Society was founded as a natural foods cooperative grocer in Iowa City in 1971, and opened its Coralville branch in 2001. Today, New Pi is a thriving two-store food co-op with over 26,000 members. The stores provide local, organic, and natural foods to the Iowa City and Coralville area. New Pi is located at 22 S. Van Buren St. in Iowa City and at 1101 2nd St. in Coralville. Please visit for more information.