Mitch Beahm, left, and Steve Mickelson of Iowa Fun Drummin’ perform in the SaPaDaPaSo Parade on Sunday, March 17, 2024, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The group promoted the annual Tournament of Drums show, set this year for Aug. 2. (photo/Cindy Hadish)

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — Blustery winds accompanied the return of the SaPaDaPaSo — St. Patrick’s Day Parade Society — parade on March 17.

In 2022, organizers cited a challenge with finding volunteers during the workweek in moving the parade to the Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day, but returned to the traditional day this year.

Even with wind chills below freezing, large crowds lined the streets of downtown Cedar Rapids to watch about 90 units in the 2024 parade.

As COVID-19 concerns elevated in March 2020, organizers decided to cancel the parade, which had been held, rain or shine, since 1976.

In 2021, before COVID-19 vaccine was widely available, the parade was moved to Hawkeye Downs in southwest Cedar Rapids, where organizers held “the first and last, one of a kind race track parade.” Spectators stayed in their vehicles and drove around to view parade entries that remained stationary inside the track.

See photos from the 2023 parade and more from the 2024 event, below: