African daisy (osteospermum) photo/Cindy Hadish

African daisy (osteospermum) photo/Cindy Hadish

Temperatures – finally reaching highs the state hasn’t seen since November – are one indication that spring is on its way. Another is the number of gardening and eco-events cropping up in Eastern Iowa.

A look at the Homegrown calendar shows something happening every day this week, with some offering more than one option. If you don’t make a habit of looking at the calendar, check it out.

Highlights include Dr. Jane Goodall at the University of Iowa on Monday, March 10; Bringing Nature Home with Doug Tallamy, a Trees Forever 25th anniversary event on Tuesday, March 11, at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids; Prairie Preview XXXI in Iowa City on Thursday, March 13, and maple syrup events at the Indian Creek Nature Center.

Also learn about Earth-friendly lawn care, backyard chickens and geocaching in the Marion/Cedar Rapids area this week.

The rest of the month offers many other ways to get your spring fix.

If your organization has an upcoming event – whether this month or down the road – leave a comment with details here.