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Cedar Rapids and Swisher residents plead...

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources reported a 6-month-long weapons and poaching investigation in Linn and Johnson counties has concluded. Related: Four Iowans convicted in yearlong poaching case The DNR issued the following on Aug. 10, 2021: Iowa Conservation Officers concluded a six-month-long investigation into felony weapons charges and wildlife poaching violations involving a deer […]

Iowa DNR: No need to rescue Bambi

As cute and helpless as they might seem, wildlife officials say fawns that appear to be abandoned are actually exhibiting normal deer behavior and should be left alone. “The worst thing someone can do is to ‘rescue’ the fawn,” said Jim Coffey, forest wildlife research biologist with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Related: Shot […]

Leaving Bambi alone

Leaving Bambi alone

It’s tempting to reach out when encountering what appears to be an abandoned fawn, but the Iowa Department of Natural Resources notes why it’s best to leave “Bambi” alone. The DNR also advises motorists to drive with caution, as does are on the move. Read on for more from the DNR: The calls, emails are […]