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Killing freeze expected in Iowa

It might seem like months ago, but just last week, on Oct. 24, Iowa hit record-high temperatures, in the 80s. Now, maybe unsurprisingly, the state is hitting the deep freeze. Hardier flowers, such as zinnias and black-eyed Susan, and even less hardy plants, including tomatoes, may have survived overnight temperatures that dipped into the low […]

Rime ice vs. hoarfrost in Iowa

Freezing fog painted a pretty picture in Iowa this morning, but also created icy roads that, tragically, likely contributed to a deadly pileup on Interstate 80 near Iowa City. Fog is forecast again for Monday, Jan. 9, 2023, in Iowa, so take care on the roads. Meteorologists refer to the coating of white on leaves […]

Czech legend of Three Frozen Kings offer...

Few days have tempted gardeners to plant early in Iowa this spring. With daytime temperatures hovering in the 50s and nights even colder, already into May, many gardeners are waiting for more conducive weather. Related: Slow start to morel mushroom season Still, with 70-degree days (hopefully) on the horizon, a Czech legend offers a warning […]