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Morel mushroom season hit with wild spri...

Morel mushroom hunters are holding out hope for finding the springtime delicacies, even after Iowa’s weather has fluctuated from summertime temperatures to winter-like snow within days. Related: Three Frozen Kings folklore A few counties in southern Iowa reported finding tiny morels or “micro-minis” as early as April 12, when the state experienced record or near-record […]

Morel mushroom search tips

morel mushrooms/Cindy Hadish

Morel mushrooms, the elusive delicacies found during springtime in wooded areas, are already being discovered in Iowa, as well as neighboring Nebraska and other states. The proper amount of moisture and soil temperature allows the spongelike mushrooms to “pop,” and that combination appears to be just right as of early April in some areas. Learn […]

A lost morel season?

morel mushrooms/Cindy Hadish

Iowa may have one of its most fleeting morel seasons this year. With winter weather lingering well into late April, soil temperatures in the state have only recently been favorable to see the rare delicacies “pop.” Experts say soil at 50 to 54 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for morels to make an appearance, and almost […]