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Giant mushroom appears in Czech Village ...

By Cindy Hadish CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – Czech Village has found a silver lining from last year’s derecho. The hurricane-strength windstorm uprooted trees and created havoc throughout Iowa, hitting the Cedar Rapids area particularly hard. Trees that toppled in Czech Village damaged restrooms next to the Kosek Bandstand, but one of those is now serving […]

City Council dashes last hopes to save p...

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — The Cedar Rapids City Council dashed any remaining hopes that residents and nature lovers held to save a Prairie Pollinator Zone from destruction. Council members unanimously passed a number of resolutions related to an agreement with multinational corporation Cargill to build a 200-car, 12-track railyard on a 28-acre property on Stewart […]

Morel mushroom search tips

morel mushrooms/Cindy Hadish

Morel mushrooms, the elusive delicacies found during springtime in wooded areas, are already being discovered in Iowa, as well as neighboring Nebraska and other states. The proper amount of moisture and soil temperature allows the spongelike mushrooms to “pop,” and that combination appears to be just right as of early April in some areas. Learn […]