meet the meatThis upcoming event has a special connection for me.

My cousin, Judy Beuter, has been raising chickens in a sustainable way for years at her farm in rural Solon. I’ve visited during her “Baby Chicks Day,” and am sure that “Meet the Meat Chickens” will be just as educational.

New Pioneer Food Co-op is helping to organize the event, happening this Saturday, Oct. 19.

Here is more from New Pi:

SOLON – Enjoy the colorful countryside and a real working farm! Visit this small family farm’s flock of chickens, and learn the basics of wholesome small-scale chicken meat production. Look forward to refreshments, children’s activities, and music by Tim Roberson of Beat Prairie, Jim Delaney of the Haught Diggity Dawgs, and Kevin the Harmonica Guy. Everyone is welcome!

At Butterfly Organics, Judy Beuter raises Cornish Rock Cross chickens in the fresh air on pasture and organic feed. Much of their organic feed is grown on the farm by her son, Joe Jedlicka. These birds will be carefully and cleanly processed and then frozen, available for sale from Butterfly Organics. Judy will take orders for pick-up Oct. 26.

Special private session for homesteaders: Learn to cleanly hand-process your live birds. Taught by experienced processor Roxane Mitten, this class is open to those who wish to learn essential processing skills including slaughter, feather removal, cleaning, and chilling the bird. Please contact Theresa at to register for the free class.

Directions to Butterfly Organics, 2019 Vincent Ave. NE, Solon, from Iowa City:

Head north on Hwy. #1 (toward Solon) for about 4 miles. Turn right on Morse Road and continue 3 miles. Turn left on Peters Ave. and follow until it “T”s. Turn right on 210th Street and continue for 1Ž2 mile. Turn left on Vincent Ave. and continue 6/10ths of a mile. Park on the side of the road if the driveway isfull.

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