The Eastern Iowa Orchid Show & Sale will mark its 10th anniversary this month. (photo/Cindy Hadish)

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — The Eastern Iowa Orchid Society will mark the 10th anniversary of its annual show and sale with a two-day event on Oct. 28 and 29, 2023.

Held at the Elks Lodge Hall, 801 33rd Ave. SW, the event features a Halloween theme.

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CEDAR RAPIDS – The Eastern Iowa Orchid Society recognizes a connection between its namesake flower and the annual Halloween holiday. This relationship may be behind the date the society has selected for its 10th anniversary show and sale, Orchids Are a Scream 2023.

The two-day show will be held Saturday, Oct. 28, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday, Oct. 29, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Elks Lodge Hall, 801 33rd Ave. SW, Cedar Rapids. The show is sponsored by the Eastern Iowa Orchid Society, Pepsico and Raining Rose.

The annual show centers on a fall Halloween theme and features hundreds of blooming orchids beautifully displayed by exhibitors from regional orchid societies, amateur hobbyists and professional orchid growers around the Midwest.

All orchids and exhibits will be judged by American Orchid Society judges.

Have you wondered what Halloween and orchids that represent glamour and grace have in common? Members of the Orchidaceae family have adopted and adapted spooky characteristics as strategies to survive. Examples include:

· Brassavola nodosa’s ghostly white flowers emit a strong nocturnal fragrance to attract night-pollinating moths.

· Mediocalcar deocatum’s cute, not creepy blooms resemble Halloween candy corn.

· Brassia species orchids and hybrids’ visual mimicry and Arachnid-like looks trick spider-parasitizing wasps into spreading pollen. They are known as “spider orchids.”

· Laelia anceps, native to Mexico, is used to decorate graveyards for the Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) festivities.

· Dracula vampira just looks spooky. The black-striped flowers have a lip like a mushroom.

The show also displays orchid-related crafts and collectibles and a variety of orchid plants and collectibles will be available for sale by four regional vendors.

Volunteers will be available to answer questions about orchids. Visitors are encouraged to vote for their favorite display, “The People’s Choice Award.” The family-friendly venue offers an “up close and personal” display of nature’s most exotic flowers, plus some Halloween fun for all ages! Costumes are welcome.

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A past Eastern Iowa Orchid Show & Sale is shown at the Noelridge Greenhouse in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This year’s event will take place at the Elks Lodge Hall. (photo/Cindy Hadish)