Cindy Hadish

Cindy Hadish

A feature on The Authentic Storytelling Project today about Homegrown Iowan offered an opportunity for me to reflect on the future of the website as we approach our anniversary.

Homegrown Iowan is an extension of what I’ve been doing for years as a journalist: spreading the word about local foods, farmers markets, gardening and events hosted by  environmental groups and others.

As I mentioned to Authentic Storytelling, these areas are my passion and it’s why I do what I do. The website is not how I make my living, (there is a donation button if any of you wonderful readers or organizations find this of value and care to contribute) but it’s one of the favorite things that I do as a journalist.

I plan to take Homegrown Iowan into its second year and hope to hear from more of you about the direction it could take. As always, please share your ideas for stories or let me know about events in the comments section.  If anyone would like to submit a guest blog, I’m open to that, too.

Thanks for sticking with us this past year and here’s to keeping it local in 2014!