Solar panel photo/Prairiewoods Spirituality Center

Solar panel photo/Prairiewoods Franciscan Spirituality Center

Iowans hoping to reduce energy costs and their carbon footprint at the same time can learn about residential solar at an upcoming session at Prairiewoods in Hiawatha.

See more from the Iowa Renewable Energy Association (I-Renew) about this upcoming free event:

Hiawatha, Iowa: Residential solar is on the rise, but many people still have questions about the technology, contractors, rebates and working with utility providers. The Iowa Renewable Energy Association and Prairiewoods Franciscan Spirituality Center are excited to announce a free educational opportunity for Iowans to learn more about residential solar and how they can use the technology to reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint.

The Solar Experience: An Introduction to Photovoltaics will be held at Prairiewoods on Thursday, October 27 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

Experts from Alliant Energy, Moxie Solar and a local homeowner will discuss topics including the components for residential solar, the different designs of these systems, the tax incentives, net metering and how to work with your utility company. “With 29 MW of solar currently installed in Iowa, we want to help residents keep that number growing. Residential solar has benefited from decreasing costs and increased competition, but many Iowans still have questions on how to implement this technology. We want to bring the experts and residents together to educate Iowans how solar can help reduce their costs and benefit the community by making Iowa a leader in renewable energy.” notes Don White, President of the Iowa Renewable Energy Association board.

Emelia Sautter, Ecospirituality Coordinator at Prairiewoods is excited about inviting people to Prairiewoods to discuss and learn about solar power. “Renewable energy helps us envision and create a hope-filled future where our imprint on earth is of a positive nature, working in relationship with our shared home.  We love providing a space where people come together and explore topics that strengthen relationships within our human community and our human-earth community.”
I-Renew and Prairiewoods are developing a Renewable Energy Series for 2017 with monthly educational programs on a variety of renewable energy topics.  Possible topics include geothermal, residential wind power, green roofs, passive solar design and more.  They want to hear from the public about what topics are most important to them.  Share your ideas at the event on October 27 or via
Learn more and register for this free event at

About The Iowa Renewable Energy Association: Founded in 1992, The Iowa Renewable Energy Association (I-Renew) is a membership-based, educational non-profit organization. In addition to educational activities, they partner with other non-profit groups to support new policies encouraging renewable energy development. I-Renew also works with policy makers, government agencies, and individuals to implement renewable energy programs. I-Renew members are playing a major role in making Iowa a national leader in renewable energy. Learn more at


About Prairiewoods Franciscan Spirituality Center: Founded in 1996, Prairiewoods is celebrating 20 years as a non-profit eco-spirituality retreat and conference center in Iowa with a mission focused on spirituality, ecology and holistic health.  In 2010, Prairiewoods installed the largest solar array in the state, a 100 panel unit capable of generating 22,500 kilowatt hours of electricity in one year.  Other renewable energy features include solar thermal systems, LEED certification, straw-bale cabins, a trombe wall, root cellar, passive solar design and 70 acres of prairie and woodland.  Learn more at