Backpocket Rootstock crew photo/New Pioneer Food Co-op

Backpocket Rootstock crew/New Pioneer Food Co-op

Lately, it seems that any event scheduled around a beer tasting or with the promise of local brews is guaranteed to sell out.

Museums host discussions over beer, churches are going into bars and craft beer festivals are growing in popularity.

The latest “local” beer phenomenon involves one of my favorite topics: locally grown foods.

New Pioneer Food C0-op is sourcing local veggies from  Grinnell Heritage Farm in their Rootstock Field Ale, and while their news release notes that everyone is welcome for the free tastings, I’m guessing that’s anyone over age 21. Don’t confuse it with root beer.

Here is more from New Pi about their new release:

Iowa City, October 7, 2015 – New Pioneer Food Co-op announces the release of their second limited-run private label beer in partnership with local farmers and local brewer Backpocket, the Rootstock Field Ale, with free tastings at all 3 New Pi stores this Friday, Oct. 9, 4:30-6:30PM! Everyone is welcome.

Backpocket owner Jake Simmons and team will be on hand to crack open the first bottles and pour samples at New Pi Coralville with Grinnell Heritage Farm folks who grew the organic beets and carrots that went into the beer, and 7G distributors Garret & Clinton will do the same in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids. The tasting in Iowa City will be during the Homecoming Parade, and New Pi Iowa City will also be grilling burgers & brats outside for sale.

The public’s also welcome to the keg-tapping at Backpocket Brewery in Coralville this Thursday, Oct. 8, at 6PM, starting the countdown to its release for sale at New Pi stores Friday.