Chris Soules is moving on after life as "The Bachelor." (photo/

Chris Soules is moving on after life as “The Bachelor.” (photo/

I’m not as concerned to whom Chris Soules might propose in the final episode of “The Bachelor” as I was with the TV show’s portrayal of Iowa.

Dubbed as the corny “Prince Farming,” the show seemed destined for the stereotypical hay bale and flannel shirt depiction of our home state, but fortunately, that hasn’t come to fruition.

Some of the women had their doubts about living in Arlington – a town of just over 400 people located about 60 miles north of Cedar Rapids in Fayette County – but for the most part, “The Bachelor” has provided a good mix of rural and urban scenes in Iowa, including an episode from Des Moines.

The Hotel Julien in Dubuque is offering a viewing party this Monday night, March 9, 2015, for the final episode, which was shot in part at the historic hotel.

As for Chris Soules, he has launched a new website: which will serve as a platform for his role as an advocate and spokesman for farmers.

“Through my experience on The Bachelor, I had the chance to travel, grow and strengthen myself, but I also learned how others outside of the Midwest view the American farmer. Because farmers have done such a great job in providing reliable, safe and affordable commodities, they are often taken for granted and misunderstood. I now have the opportunity to make a difference and a responsibility to elevate the industry I have served and enjoyed since birth – agriculture,” he notes on his website.

See more about the “Other Bachelors of Arlington,” and meanwhile, on another “reality” show, an Iowan is making her mark.

Maddie Walker, now 17, was among the eight out of 12 young women voted to go through to the next round of “American Idol.”

On March 5 from Detroit, the Ankeny teen sang the Jackson 5’s “I’ll Be There,” and wanted viewers to know that, despite her young age, she isn’t to be underestimated.

Maddie and the other top 16 contestants will face off this coming week, back in Hollywood, to see who makes it into the top 12.

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