Demonstrators protest the Dakota Access pipeline in downtown Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Dec. 1, 2016. (photo/Cindy Hadish)

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources issued the following regarding a ruptured pipeline in northern Iowa on Jan. 25, 2017:

HANLONTOWN – A Magellan Pipeline Company’s diesel line ruptured Wednesday morning in Worth County about three miles north and one mile east of Hanlontown.

An updated estimate from the company indicates 138,600 gallons of diesel fuel were released. Iowa DNR staff onsite report the fuel pooled in a farm field and does not appear to have reached surface waters.

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Worth County emergency officials are working with Magellan Pipeline Company to ensure the spill is contained. The company’s environmental contractors are vacuuming spilled diesel fuel from the scene.

Weather conditions, including high winds and blowing snow, are impacting cleanup efforts.

Worth County Emergency Response, several area county sheriff departments and Iowa DNR responded to the emergency.

Iowa DNR and local responders will be onsite, monitoring the situation, continuing to assess the spill and cleanup.